Amanda Welsh

Name: Amanda Kuniko Welsh DOB: October 18, 1989 Location: Rockledge, FL Height: 5'5 Weight: 105 Measurements: 32B-26.5-34 Ethnic Background: Japanese/American A Class: So Amanda we want to know how did you get into modeling? What was your motivation? Amanda: I got into modeling two years ago when I just spontaneously called a photographer Kevin Roberts with Intimate Images that had done photos for my dance class years before and I got in contact with him on myspace. He mentioned that he needed a model to do a modern day Eve and wanted a snake too. I just happen to have a ball python "Nugget" so it was just a perfect match! lol After that we continued shooting and he helped set me up with other photographers. I've worked with many photographers that has gotten me a long way and I hope to do so much more! I've always wanted to model but never thought I could do it or was "hot" enough I've always been kind of like one of the guys so I didn't feel sexy enough lol but I do like to take risks so I just went for it and luckily it's all been great I love it so much and hope to do so much more. Already I've accomplished so much in two years. A Class: So this is the question I ask all the models. It is a must know! If you could have any super hero power which one would it be? Amanda: Invisibility just to mess with people hehehe A Class: So Amanda if you hit the lottery tomorrow. What would your dream car be?? Amanda: Black Nissan GT-R A Class: What is your favorite body part? Amanda: Well my boyfriend just said my ass so I guess it would be my I don't really have a favorite body part though. A Class: What do you prefer to drive? Automatic or Manual Transmission? Amanda: Automatic A Class: So if I was on a night around town club hopping. And I wanted to run into you…. What night club would I run into you at? Amanda: Damn that's a hard one I def love clubs because I've worked at one and I'm a go-go dancer but I haven't to been to alot yet..... When I turn 21 in October this year I'll be doin it big and hittin up all the clubs tho haha!!! A Class: What is your favorite color? Amanda: Black A Class: Are you a turbocharged kind of girl, or all motor? Amanda: Turbocharged of course!!! A Class: Who’s more doable? Megan Fox or Kim Kardashian? Amanda: Both lol A Class: Who’s more doable? Vida Guerra or Melyssa Ford? Amanda: Hmm....Melyssa Ford A Class: Is doable even a word? Amanda: Yep of course!!! A Class: Ahh very very good! A Class: If there is one word of advice you can give all of your fans out there… What would this advice be? Amanda: Do it big life's too short!!!!
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