Body Shop FAQ

Information the Auto Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know.

• TRUE or FALSE:By law, you are required to go to the repair shop preferred by your insurance company, or they have no legal commitment to warranty the repairs.

FALSE: It is ILLEGAL for an insurance company to force their clients to go to one particular shop. You have the choice to go to any shop you prefer.

• TRUE or FALSE: Insurance companies can warranty work done to a vehicle.

FALSE: Insurance companies CANNOT warranty work done. Only the auto body repair shop can warranty their own work.

• TRUE or FALSE: It is completely safe to drive a car to your local auto body shop if the car appears to be in drivable condition.

FALSE: In an accident, severe damage can be done to the chassis in areas that cannot be visible. A Class Paint & Body Repair provides FREE towing for all of our clients.

• TRUE or FALSE: An estimate can ONLY be obtained at the insurance drive-in claims center?

FALSE: In order to make this a fast and easy experience for our customers, you can drop your car directly at A Class Paint & Body Repair.

Then we can coordinate with the insurance adjustors to come to our shop, while we can have a rental car company pick you up conveniently at our location.

• TRUE or FALSE: There is no law requiring you to obtain more than one estimate or appraisal.

TRUE: Let A Class Paint & Body Repair be your one stop shop for all of your auto repair needs.