Brittney Banks

Name: Brittney Banks DOB: October 28,1988 Location: Orlando, FL Height: 5"6 Weight: 130 lbs Measurements: 36C-28-37 Ethnic background: Surinamese, Indian, Dutch Aclass: How did you get started in modeling? Model: By luck really, I was asked to do promotional work in hot import nights Orlando by a photographer who saw my pictures randomly on some girls myspace and I've been getting hype ever since. Aclass: Did you always want to be a model? Model: Not really, it has never been my main endeavor because I always thought models had to be really tall skinny toothpicks and luckily I am neither lol ... Aclass: Were your parents strict with your up bringing? Model: My parents were definitely stricter than most. I couldn't get away with half the things my friends did, but I know it was for the best, it made me a tough lil cookie in the end! Aclass: What kind of student were you in school? Model: Being the first born, I have always been an over achiever and had to set the standard for my younger siblings. Lets just say I'm an undercover nerd, i graduated with my associates in arts degree in psychology when i was 17. Aclass: As a child what kind of things did you envision for your self as far as career choices? Model: When I was really young I always wanted to be a singer, than I quickly learned that my voice was better equipped to shatter glass then please the ears.
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