Karla Molina

Name: Karla Molina DOB: August 1, 1984 Location: Orlando, FL Height: 5"2 Weight: 105 lbs Measurements: 32/25/33 Ethnic background: Honduran Aclass: How did you get started in modeling? Karla: I started going to car shows and saw how big the scene was. After looking into it, I got a couple of gigs and it turned out pretty well. A Class: If you could have Super Hero Powers. Which one would it be? Karla: I want to be able to FLY!!! A Class: Why are you so mean? Meany! Karla: Im not mean! I'm mean when I get cranky but for the most the part I'm a pretty happy person. A Class: What do you prefer to drive? Automatic or Manual Transmission? Karla: Manual Baby!! A Class: What is your favorite color? Karla: Green A Class: Turbocharged or Supercharged? What do you like better? Why? Karla: Turbo all the way! I've been around boosted cars all my life! But definitely my favorite is the feel of Turbo Boost! A Class: What is your dream car? Karla: 2009 Nissan GTR A Class: Honda or Acura? Karla: Both! Same thing to me. Same motors. A Class: Subaru STi or Mitsubisho Evo IV Karla: Evo all the way!!
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