Mary Allison

Name: Mary Allison DOB: 6-6-1988 Location: Memphis TN Height: 5ft 7" Weight: 125 Measurements: 36-24-34 Ethnic Background: White A Class: So Mary how did you get started in modeling? Mary: I was asked to take a picture by my husband. He got me a photographer, and the rest is history... A Class: Since your a local to Florida. If I were a fan and I wanted to run into you at a Downtown Orlando Club. Our fans want to know. Which club would you be at? Mary: Sorry guys I’m “Married”. No more clubs for me! A Class: Trust me as I speak for everyone, we are sorry to hear that…. A Class: Well this is a question I have to ask every A Class Model. If you could have Super Hero Powers. Which one would it be? Mary: Duh Flying!! Who doesn’t want to fly? A Class: Wow I always thought invincibility was cool…. Mary: lol…. Whatever…. A Class: Say if you were pulled over by a police officer, what would be Mary Allison's way out of getting a ticket? Mary: Smile and bat my eyes… lol A Class: That’s it? That’s all it takes? Cheater!! A Class: What do you prefer to drive? Automatic or Manual Transmission? Mary: Automatic... A Class: …… A Class: What is your favorite color? Mary: Red.. A Class: We think you look great in red too!! A Class: Whats more important to you? 1 dozen red roses or candy? Mary: Roses! A Class: I guess that answer’s our previous question too. A Class: Bounty Hunter or Gangster? Mary: Bounty Hunter… A Class: Hmmmm… I wonder why…. For all of you that don’t know Mary’s husband is a Bounty Hunter…. Goes without saying I guess….. So keep away from flirting because he’ll find you! A Class: Motorcycle or Sports Car? Mary: Sports Car. A Class: I feel the same way. A Class: Naturally Aspirated or Turbocharged? Mary: N/A A Class: X Box 360 or Playstation 3? Mary: Playstation 3 duh! It comes with a Blu Ray!! A Class: Ahhhhhhh!! Gamertag? Mary: That’s confidential! lol 🙂 A Class: Are you a morning person or a afternooner? Mary: Afternooner A Class: Is an afternooner even a word? Mary: Oops! No! lol A Class: What is your dream car? Mary: Cuda A Class: I see we have a domestic fan!! A Class: If there is one thing that you could tell all of your fans about yourself. What would it be? Mary: Live for today, tomorrow might never come, but be happy and love everyone, hate is wasted energy A Class: If I were to take you out on a night out. What would be your fantasy dream date? Mary: Well, thats a secret…. lol 🙂 A Class: If you had the chance to hook up with Megan Fox? Ours fans want to know.... Would you do it? Mary: Id be crazy not too, but Jessica Alba's hotter.. lol A Class: Ok the fans didn’t want to know that. I did… But let me tell you as I speak for everyone on this. Yeeeesssssss!!
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